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User-Focused February Features

Ewa Grabowiecka

A quick update from the Community Lab's Product team about what we have been up to in February.

User-Focused February Features
Photo by Neil Thomas on Unsplash

Spring is not here officially yet, but the sun and longer days have been a very much welcomed arrival.

In February we focused on features which would aid our users in being more effective in their communities. We have been working with groups on the platform and listening to their feedback to establish what essential elements are missing.

A crucial part of the feedback was that users wanted to be able to share project outcomes, such as supporting presentations and documents, in comments - which you can now do. The selection of attachments has also gotten an improvement, so it is easier to operate.

Visually, to aid in clarity - both the group’s and the user’s avatar are more visible on the home page. This will help to avoid confusion and increase the context of the posts - especially if you are in multiple groups with similar people. Having a profile picture helps to establish your presence on the platform and builds trust with fellow community members. You can change it in your profile area.

Building on the features added in the January sprint, when navigating away from the in-progress content, we will ask the user if they are sure they want to leave - this is now inclusive of drafts for posts and comments. Additionally, moderators can delete messages in group chats, alongside the the original poster. This will help us all build safer communities on the platform.

We are continuously maintaining the features we have already built - in this sprint, we have also fixed a couple of bugs, especially in the navigation to the groups.

And just as spring has started work on all those flowers, we are prepping March features - if there are things you would like to see on the platform, chat with us over at the Help Hub.

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