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For innovation to occur, it needs openness and collaboration.

That’s our theory, anyway. We’re testing it in Community Lab with a pilot programme kicking off in early 2021.

What’s important for innovation

Openness & Transparency. Without discovery we can’t find the opportunities, people or the ideas where we can thrive. Let’s bring down the walls, break the silos.

Trust. Without trust, it is hard for us to share and have an open, honest dialogue about what is important to us.

Diversity & Inclusion. Innovation is not just for startups or Universities. All of us can start ideas and contribute to others. It takes a rich diversity of skill, experience, knowledge and passion to make great stuff.

Unconditional help. In a transactional world, we need to be braver. Give without expectation and acknowledge those who help us along the way.

Respect. We need to listen deeply, treat others with respect and engage on their terms. It is only by listening deeply to others, sharing our success and failures, that we will all better understand how we can each, individually and collectively, best shape our worlds.

Our culture

Our team is not here just for onboarding. We’re here to help you make the most of Community Lab, by helping you make connections, reach your goals and discover new opportunities.

The journeys we want to pave the way for...


fear of failure
low productivity
closed knowledge
conditional generosity


learning, creativity & experiment
shared experiences and learning
giving unconditionally

Our Team

Andrew Barrie

Founder, Community Lab. Fintech & Social entrepreneur and mentor. Passionate about Scotland.

Briony Cullin

Briony Cullin is a freelance digital marketer working with businesses across the world.

Michael Hayes

Brings his skills in development to Community Lab. Passionate about Scottish tech community.

Milosz Falinski

Entrepreneur, designer & product strategist. Leads design of the Community Lab platform.

Natalia Alvarez

Natalia Alvarez is a story strategist and facilitator at Community Lab.

Sandy Kennedy

CEO Entrepreneurial Scotland Foundation. Social entrepreneur, strategic advisor, trustee.

Community Lab is an innovation and collaboration platform for positive impact. We’re hard at work and will be launching in early 2021. Sign up below to get notified!

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