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LGBTI Awareness Workshop for STEM Leaders

Angus Rogers

Tonight's LGBTI Awareness Workshop for STEM leaders will broadly cover terms and definitions, social challenges facing LGBTI people, legal rights for LGBTI people, and the do’s and don’ts for inclusion.

LGBTI Awareness Workshop for STEM Leaders

At 6:30 PM (GMT+1) on Thursday 12th May 2022, the wonderful Kelly Gardner and Tanya Howden will be hosting an LGBTI Awareness Workshop to support diversity and inclusivity in the STEM space.

The virtual session is designed to help STEM leaders and educators navigate the social challenges facing inclusivity for LGBTI people and adopt best practices to foster welcoming and safe teaching environments that are accessible to all.

Tonight’s meet-up marks the second in a three-part series that aims to improve access to STEM education in underserved Scottish communities by empowering educators with the confidence they need to combat inclusivity challenges.

What’s on the agenda?

This LGBTI awareness workshop will broadly cover terms and definitions, social challenges facing LGBTI people, legal rights for LGBTI people, and the do’s and don’ts for inclusion.

The session will end with an interactive Q&A. where attendees will have an opportunity to share their personal challenges and receive expert advice from special guest, Karen Kaufmann, from Equality Network. This is also an opportunity to stay up-to-date with how fellow STEM clubs are being supported and to bounce ideas around with peers.

The ultimate goal is to help attendees gain a greater level of confidence so that they can take the appropriate steps to ensure LGBTI people feel welcomed, understood, and supported in their clubs.

About The STEM Leaders Meetup

The STEM Leaders Meetup is an online initiative to bring together the wonderful people who run or mentor at STEM, coding, and engineering clubs for young people.

Tanya Howden (Computer Science Teacher in Training) and Kelly Gardner (HMFC Innovation Centre) launched the meetup as part of an ongoing campaign to empower educators in STEM and create a trusted space for sharing best practices on how to improve accessibility to underserved groups.

The inclusion series is part of Community Lab’s Tech Embers programme which seeks to kickstart tech event activity in rural and underserved Scottish communities. Tech Embers is supported by the Scottish Government Ecosystem Fund in connection with the Scottish Technology Ecosystem Review (STER).

Event Details

Day: Thursday 12th May 2022

Time: 6:30-7:30 PM GMT+1

If you wish to join tonight’s event, please use this link to claim your FREE ticket.

Please note: The event is being held via Microsoft Teams. A link for the meeting will be sent out 30 mins prior to the event starting. Please ensure your system is up to date and you have Teams downloaded.

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If you’d like to learn more about Kelly and Tanya’s work and join their growing community of STEM Leaders across Scotland (and beyond), head on over to their group on Community Lab.

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