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Easter Builder

Ewa Grabowiecka

An update on the new tweaks, features and upcoming delights for the Community Lab platform.

Easter Builder

Photo by Bruno van der Kraan on Unsplash

It's already mid-April,  but I am still finding chocolate eggs around the house. It COULD be the Easter Bunny playing hide-and-seek, or perhaps it's my sneaky attempt to make the chocolate flow last forever… guess we will never know.  Onto the world of Community Lab platform Builder!

The theme of this month has been - “social”. We have improved tagging in posts so that the right people can get involved at the right time. When tagging a person in a message, post or comment, you will initially see a list of people who belong to the group, rather than the best platform match. This will ensure the intended person is tagged and notified.

Speaking about the right people - you can now see respondents to the group's events. Whether you are keen to chat more with people you already met or meet new ones, you will see who is attending and who has declined. Hopefully, this will encourage you to attend. And we made groups and clusters more visible on the Discovery tab.

Quality of life updates to organising resources - as you can move resources in between sections and can clone whole groups. This is very useful if your group has a lot of files to organise, or if you are delivering educational programmes for different cohorts. This is a premium feature, so get in touch if you think it might make your work easier.

A large chunk of this sprint has been allocated to research - we are working with an organisation that wants to do more video content on their groups - so you might see this coming in the very near future.

We have been collecting feedback from the projects we have been involved with on their thoughts on the platform - this has informed some of the new features coming up next month.  For example. a PDF preview for all the document needs you might have. Keep your eyes peeled for new features - and if there is anything you would like to see on the platform, chat with us over at the Help Hub.

So, here's to a month filled with connection, community, and chocolate eggs (or discounted chocolate—no judgment here)! Until next time, happy connecting!

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