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Community Lab Builder

Ewa Grabowiecka

Building the best community platform takes a village - and in this new blog series we will be going over new features for the platform and improvements we are putting in place.

Community Lab Builder

Hello and welcome to the exciting new Community Lab Builder post. In this monthly update, we provide you with the behind-the-scenes look at the ongoing development of our platform. We want to post these updates in the spirit of openness and a testament to our ongoing feedback and improvement culture, to build the best community platform there is!

Each month, we focus on a specific theme and dedicate our efforts to introducing new features, fixing bugs, and performing necessary maintenance tasks. Making people feel safe is a primary concern for us and so, for the November/December sprint, our primary focus revolved around enhancing the security and user friendliness of our platform.

To ensure a sturdy and reliable foundation, we first upgraded the underlying framework that powers our platform. Just like a well-built house, a strong foundation is crucial for achieving long-lasting and optimal results. By upgrading the framework, we significantly improved the security of our platform. This upgrade is a definite win for us as it also gives us access to new and exciting features which we can pass onto you.

In order to provide an additional layer of protection for user accounts, we introduced the option to enable Multi-factor Authentication. It can be easily enabled or disabled in the account settings, giving you full control over the security of your account. While you're there, you'll also notice that you now have the ability to update your email address, ensuring that your account information is always up to date.

To enhance readability of the shared information, the author of the post is now more visible, with the contents of the posts being expanded, to showcase more of the good stuff.

And lastly, we have implemented user tags, which allow you to easily identify and connect with the specific user on the platform. This ensures your are speaking to the correct Jack, no matter how many Jacks there are on the platform . And more importantly that people who want to collaborate with you know they’ve got the right account.

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