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April Builder

Ewa Grabowiecka

We are constantly improving the Community Lab platform. This month we have focused on delivering improvements to group invites, pdfs and events.

April Builder

Ponies in Cornwall by Ewa

This update is a little bit delayed, as I am spending too much time picking the right jacket in the morning - the weather cannot decide what it is doing and therefore neither can I.

April has been busy with new features and development.  We have added the capability to edit the group's welcome page, to better reflect your community mission and vibes. This page shows up when new community members get invited onto the platform. You can change the title, description and colours. You can find this under “Edit Group” → Welcome Settings.

For educational groups, or if you are a general fan of reading PDFs, we have added a PDF viewer in the browser. No more messy download folders, you can view your items on the platform. Speedy!

To clarify events, they are now displayed in chronological order so you can see the closest events (in time) first.

And to round it all off, we have added small quality-of-life updates, such as displaying the relevant character limits, easier chat navigation and warnings when you navigate away without saving your changes on the profile page.

We are now busy prepping May features - if there are things you would like to see on the platform or have any feedback, chat with us at the Help Hub.

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