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of community
#OpenScotland imagines a future where citizens are empowered to effect change.
Find Changemakers
Connect with citizens who are striving for change in their communities.
Voice Ideas
Have your say in a safe & supportive environment where people are ready to listen.
Share Resources
Join purpose-led communities that give unconditionally & strive for impact.
#OpenScotland campaigns for better collaboration, decentralised governance & community empowerment.
breaking down silos with systems thinking
swapping top-down control for bottom-up empowerment
building tightly-bonded groups around purpose
connecting loosely-bonded groups to create impact
shapE the movement
The Road to Change
Movements are made by voices, share yours.
Real connections, empowered communities.
Join a growing ecosystem of changemaker groups across Scotland. Whether you want to build your own community or contribute to others, there’s a space for everyone.
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